The Fine Art of Distraction

Will 2016 be our new Annus Horribilis? I’ve had a hard time coming back to blogging after this U.S. Presidential election.  Not a fan of our new “President Elect”, I’ve been filled with disbelief that such a man could have gone as far as he did, and what that means in terms of reflection on the character of our country and commentary on our world today.

During the last month of the election, as a way of distracting myself from all the negativity, I decided to do a “30 paintings in 30 days” painting challenge. I started in October and finished just after the election. Every day I posted something to my personal Facebook page — plein air, still life, interior study or a portrait from the drawing group I attend twice a month (pastel). It was a great way to loosen up the brush, so to speak. To approach painting more like sketching, quickly and less over worked. I’ll post a few of them here…

Acorn squash
Kelly Ridge

Thanksgiving came and went as well, we had our first Vegan “ThanksLiving” and invited our neighbor friends to join us — they were open to the idea, and seemed to enjoy the faire. On the menu — Stuffed Acorn Squash (I followed the “Hot For Food” recipe with some modifications —, maple glazed carrots, green beans with slivered almonds, smashed red potatoes with fresh parsley, apple and pumpkin pies, rolls and veggie/hummus appetizers that our guest brought. Yum!

As a new vegan, I’m also faced with challenges this holiday season — I’ve been invited to a luncheon where a main dish will be served that has meat in it. I offered to bring an entree to share, and was shut down with “the menu has already been decided on” — guess I’ll fill up on salad and bread? What do you do in these situations if you are Vegan or Vegetarian? Does it get easier? Somehow I feel that because I’ve only been at this for the last 6 months, I shouldn’t “make a big deal about it” and just eat meat if it’s there…. but that feels wrong now. Any feedback?

Tea Cup