Trip to Bay Area, Participating in Art Show

On the heels of our painting trip to the Grand Canyon in early April, I was asked to show my work at the home gallery of Suzanne Elliott in beautiful Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz, California. The show was scheduled over Mothers’s Day weekend, and was a good impetus to finish and frame more recent work, including several of the plein air paintings from the Grand Canyon trip.

Two paintings were sold prior to the show, both done in Plein Air style:

Here’s the gallery set up. We shared the indoor space, and a jewelry artist joined us, setting up in the patio:

The weather was beautiful, and the trip gave me an opportunity to see a few Bay Area friends along the way.

Before the show opened on Sunday we had a nice walk along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, beautiful! I do miss being closer to the ocean!

A few of the take away “future projects” which are now on my art “to do” list: create a batch of very small plein air painting to offer unframed and at a lower price point than framed work, and produce new greeting cards of recent work. These small items are a way for potential customers to dip their toes in my work without a larger expenditure. I’ll definitely do this before the next showing opportunity! Thanks Suzanne for the ideas and encouragement.

See more of my artwork here :

Now that I’m home there are also pressing gardening projects to get busy with. I just finished harvesting the huge batch of snap peas which exploded in the last few weeks when the weather suddenly turned to hot. I trimmed, blanched and froze several batches. I also created a ┬átasty soup with snap peas, carrots and onions, blended smooth yum!

Here’s the recipe for Sugar Snap Pea and Carrot Soup from

Clearing the snap pea area in the raised bed for new plantings, and creating another new spot for planting nearby. Next up: zucchini, cucumber, more tomatoes and kale!