Mid Year Musings

June 1st was my one year mark as a “Whole Foods Plant Based, almost Vegan”! I say “almost vegan” because I continue to eat locally sourced honey to help with allergies, and will on occasion consume things with cheese or milk products in them. Sometimes I’m aware, and sometimes they just slip by. On whole, it’s been easy, and our diet is more nutritious and varied than ever before. Tim is just a month behind and “almost vegan” too, as he still consumes his favorite ranch dressing (with milk products), and his favorite coffee creamer.

I do not miss meat, and I sure don’t miss cooking it, smelling it, cleaning up after working with it — nope, none of that! We both feel good, and see no reason to go back. We get plenty of plant protein, and I don’t feel guilty when I see cattle these days, just sad for them.

On to other things — I’ve been doing more Plein Air painting since coming back from my Bay Area trip last month. With a few other like minded artists from my local art group, we’ve had two outdoor painting meetups — one at the ranch of a fellow member, and the other in downtown Oroville in Sank Park which surrounds the historic Lott House.

C. F. Lott House — A Victorian revival style structure, the C.F. Lott Home was built in 1856 by “Judge” Lott, a gold-rush pioneer who helped form California’s government and started the first Citrus Exchange in California. Although now over 150 years old, only two generations have lived in this house. Much of the original furnishings are onaa display to help tell the story of how the well-to-do lived “out west.” The collection includes antique furnishings, paintings, rugs, textiles, clothes, silver, and glassware from the period 1849-1910. A tour of the house reveals stories of the Lott family and their importance to early California (the Judge was also a State Senator). It also retells his daughter, Cornelia’s, love story with Jesse Sank and their eventual happiness. The house contains some unusual features, including the surprise built into the fireplace and an art-deco bathroom.

Sank Park encompasses the entire city block that Judge Lott bought in 1855 for $200. The garden contains a profusion of flowers, including an outstanding hybrid rose area. The park also contains a lovely gazebo as well as many colorful trees, and a picnic area in an orange grove. Don’t miss the carriage house with Jess and Cornelia’s 1922 Buick. Portions of the park may be reserved for weddings and other private functions by calling (530)-538-2415.  (http://www.cityoforoville.org/Home/Components/FacilityDirectory/FacilityDirectory/6/773

C.F. Lott House, in downtown Oroville, CA
My painting set up at Walker Ranch, Butte County, CA.
My painting from the Walker Ranch session.

The heat is starting to set in here in Butte County, California. Projected temps over the 100 mark by the end of this week. I will continue to try to do as much outdoor painting as I can this summer, but when it’s really hot I work in my studio, which is nice and cool.


5 thoughts on “Mid Year Musings

  1. Isn’t it fun time traveling? That’s what it feels like to me when we walk through a home like this. Sounds fun and my BFF Alys up there and I may want to plan a day there too if it isn’t far from San Jose. I’m visiting her in October (it’s her Birthday). I really love the idea of Plein Air painting but haven’t ever painted via easel…Maybe I’ll start in my own yard and work my way into it 😀 Your work turned out brilliant! I love all the brush strokes that magically render a tree then a reflection in the pond..awesome!

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    1. It would be great to have you and Alys visit, but it’s a hike from the San Jose area, it takes me about four hours to get down there usually! Plein Air is so satisfying, after you do it a few times you’re hooked! Hope you give it a try!

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  2. We’re looking at 99 by Sunday. I don’t envy your summers one bit. I’m glad you’re still squeezing in a few outdoor painting days. Congratulations on your one year vegan milestone. I actually avert my eyes when I have to walk by the meat counter at the grocer so I understand your sadness when you see the cows.

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