On Finding Your Tribe

Last week the portrait drawing group I attend had a slightly different spin. The guy who organizes it also works with the homeless in Chico, CA and he invited a man he’d met through that work to join us. Not sure if this man — an artist — would actually join us (to both model and draw), he’d also engaged another woman (a friend and artist) to model. They both showed up, so we had a great time with two poses from each, as well as two shorter poses. Our model Scott was able to draw half the time by trading off with Jennie, the other model/artist. He produced some good, solid, accomplished work. He is one of us, part of our tribe.

I didn’t get much of his story, but I know he’s in his early 60’s, has done art in the past and wonderfully “at home” in our group.  He was quiet and focused while drawing, and was also a good portrait model.  I wish him well and hope to see him again in our sessions. I also hope he is able to stay warm and safe during the current cold snap. There are fewer homeless shelters in our area than meet the need, and I fear for those who don’t have access to shelter.

Below: 10 min to 30 min sketches of mine from the session. I do enjoy drawing mature faces, particularly now that mine one too!



One thought on “On Finding Your Tribe

  1. You’re work takes my breath away, Barbara. You have the eye and the skills to bring these two to life. I’m intrigued by the idea of posing artists, drawing half the time, modeling half the time. The idea of a man, homeless and in his sixties is heartrending. It’s so easy to forget that the streets are filled with real people, each on with a story. Three cheers for finding your tribe.

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