More Cheagan than Vegan…

So… it’s been a while. And no, I didn’t make it to my two year anniversary as a whole food planted based vegan. Nope. I have a confession to make…I’m a Cheagan (a vegan who cheats). My excuse?  It’s hard, and well, I got bored and lazy. Also a certain amount of apathy came into play.

Traveling, visiting with family, social eating, living with a type II diabetic, being too tired or slightly bored with the whole foods menu — all of that. I still try, about 80% of the time. Most of the time when I cheat, I’m still technically a vegetarian, but occasionally not — yes, chicken and fish have crossed these lips. When you’ve spend most of your life as one who eats “just about everything”, it’s hard to be totally “good” all the time.

So… that’s the facts. If you’re looking for vegan inspiration, or new recipes — I’m sorry. I still cook that way MOST of the time, and do keep up with my favorite vegan YouTube-ers, but this isn’t the space for purists — I understand if you need to leave, turn away, delete. I still believe that a whole foods plant based diet is the best diet to have for optimal health, nothing will change my mind about that — even all the nay sayers who suddenly decide voice their opposition to the vegan diet/life style. Yes, them. If you’re vegan, and particularly if you came to it as an older adult, you know exactly what I mean.

On the other hand, while I’m still doing some art — I do admit I’ve been really down this past winter and spring. In addition to losing my sister to cancer back at the end of November 2017, we had to put our much loved cat “Bob” down in April 2018. That was a blow, he was just shy of 14, and because he’d been an indoor cat — much pampered and loved — we thought he’d be around much longer. But no, he didn’t make it — kidney disease.

We miss you Bob, you were one in a million.

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