Shaking things up, again.

Retiring early can be challenging, and we retired at 54, well before most of our friends. The way we did it was to buy rental properties and to become debt free. We picked Oroville, California after many visits, and thought this would be our forever home. But visiting a place and actually making it your home are two very different things. While we have enjoyed the natural beauty of our area, particularly the area around our home, that was not enough to keep us here long term.

We gave it a good try.  We joined local groups related to our interests in politics and the arts, we got to know new friends, and spent time exploring the area — all the things one does when moving to a new area. But one issue that we didn’t anticipate was air quality. We are on the northern end of California’s Central Valley, and smoke, dust and pollution gets trapped here — which becomes really intense when there are huge fires anywhere near. I have developed a summer cough, directly related to this.

Family and connection is another aspect of the decision to move. My husband is from a large family, with 7 other siblings and their families, most of them living in the Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa areas. This became a huge pull, since my family is quite small and not near us.

Although I will miss the trails behind our home, and our incredible view, I hope this change will be a positive one. We took a big risk when we left Silicon Valley five years ago, to live on rental income and investments — now we face another huge shift. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” echoes through my mind. Sometimes you need to shake things up — and hopefully it will all be worth the ride.

2013-09-25 21.09.22


One thought on “Shaking things up, again.

  1. I’m excited for you, Barb. You’re moving to a place with family and more expansive world views and that’s worth a lot. I didn’t know about that cough, but that’s another excellent reason to leave while your health is still ok. I know you’re facing some challenges. Wishing you all the best with your next adventure.


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