Keep Painting!

We survived the big Polar Vortex freeze of last week here in our new home in Dundas, MN. Thankfully we don’t have regular outside jobs to commute too, so it was relatively easy. Our house is newer, and very snug, so aside from a power failure or being deliberately stupid outside, we were bound to be safe. I did experience a larger dose of cabin fever than usual. As a native Californian, my need for sun is strong — the cold doesn’t phase me as much as a long stretch of overcast days can.  I try to get outside for a walk any time the weather is calm and close to 30 degrees or above.

I have started up with my oil painting again, it was hard after the move — my forward momentum with art had come to a standstill. To get going again I started sketching on a small sketchpad as often as I could. Trying to maintain a daily art practice, while still adjusting to a new home is difficult — many distractions! Finally I set up my studio easel and pulled out my oils — I started with a small floral of a pot of Paper Whites. It was a good exercise, but nothing worth showing. Then I focused on the landscape I’d been photographing on my walks or just in our big backyard.

Driving around this new landscape I’m always looking at the colors reflected in the snow, always changing and catching new color. Here’s a peek at the first of what I hope will become a series below:

winter landscape out back 1-2019
“Out Back, Winter Landscape”, 1/2019  12 x 9″ oil on canvas board



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