Wherever You Go, There You Are…

…was the title of a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a book I probably need to pull out again and review. The book was a gift to me by my mother many years ago. I have two copies now, hers which I found tucked in her nightstand when we cleared out her home after her death in 2010, and my original copy. Maybe I’m waiting to give a copy to the right person. It’s about mindfulness in everyday life.

Spring is starting to assert itself here in southeastern Minnesota. Trees are budding out with new leaves, grasses becoming lush, warm weekends bring out the gardeners eager to connect with the earth.

In my new downstairs studio space I’ve been busy getting things arranged, trying to paint more often. The other day I set up a still life of a bowl of pears, working on a looser more interpretive style. I actually painted the set up several times, but wiped them down and started over, pushing myself to create something more.

In the end, I was satisfied with this one (see photos below), for in the moment it started to capture just a little of the quality I was striving for. All painting is practice, like yoga. Each day you get to the easel, you bring with you where you are in that moment.


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