Exploring “Up North”, Plein Air Practice

At the end of June we took a trip “Up North” as they say here in Minnesota, to Duluth, a historic port town on the southern rim of Lake Superior (https://www.visitduluth.com/). The trip was to mark our 31st wedding anniversary, and my 60th birthday which had been earlier in the month. Also, as new “Minnesotans” we wanted to see more of this beautiful state while the weather was still great.

I brought along my plein air porchade box and a few canvases, intending to get in a little painting during the trip. One morning we traveled over to Wisconsin, to the Superior Municipal Forest in Superior, Wisconsin (http://www.ci.superior.wi.us/224/Superior-Municipal-Forest), and I did a quick study. It was hot, and too windy to use my solar shade umbrella, so it wasn’t my best effort, but always good to get in some practice. The area we found was via a back road, and allowed us to park close to my painting spot. Bugs were minimal, and it was a beautiful area.


2019-06-26 12.40.10


2019-06-25 13.52.07

We also drove up along Lake Superior (photo above), scouting out other spots I might like to stop and paint. What a beautiful, vast body of water!

Another plein air session in June/July was at a spot I found last winter — the Old Mill in downtown Dundas which is perched on the Canon River. It’s a beautiful spot, the photos below show the difference between summer and winter views. I need to get back there as fall colors hit, and the trees start to lose their leaves.

In August I spent some time painting near the Canon River in downtown Northfield. Here’s the painting I started outside, and then worked on more in studio:

Cannon River Northfield

Not quite sure I’m done with it, but it’s been sitting awhile, so maybe I am.

Happy painting and exploring!



4 thoughts on “Exploring “Up North”, Plein Air Practice

  1. Barbara, I’m struck by how content you are in your new home. I’m so happy for you. I know the winters are hard, but that changing of the seasons and the beauty and open space are a wonderful trade off. I’m always blown away by your talent with a brush. Your work is nuanced and colorful. Xo

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